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August 1st, 2012, 09:58 PM
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Guess it's only fair that I answer my own questions huh?

Are your kids in school yet? What grade(s) will they be in this year? Meagan is in 11th grade, Abbey's in 9th, Kayla's in 4th and Ellie's in 1st.
Public? Private? Homeschooling? They're all in a wonderful private school this year.
How does your faith impact your schooling choices if at all? When Meg was little, Rick and I prayed over our options and ultimately decided we wanted our children in a private school. Ellie was in a public preschool for a short time because of her special needs and it was not a good fit for our family. The environment did not honor God and it was not safe for her. So after praying over it A LOT, we decided to homeschool her until kindergarten. We would have continued with that if the private school couldn't accomidate her but thankfully they can.
What do you do during the school year (aside from going to church on Sunday) to encourage their Christian education and spiritual growth? We pray together in the mornings and at bedtime in additon to saying grace at meals. We are also very involved in church activities during the year and we watch lots of Christian movies and read Christian books together.
What are you most excited for? My girls genuinely enjoy learning and going to school so I'm excited to be a witness to all of it again. Sports and school plays and talent shows and science fairs and all those wonderful things.
What are you dreading? Homework.

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