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August 2nd, 2012, 06:39 PM
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Whether it's the start of your school year or not, what will you be using this Fall? ... and don't forget to update the stickies if applicable, too!

We're using:
  • Bible - R&S for Ben and my own stuff for Daniel
  • English - R&S for Ben, nothing for Daniel
  • Latin - Latin for Children C for Ben, and Song School Latin for Daniel
  • Spelling - Sequential Spelling for Ben, nothing for Daniel
  • Math - IXL for both (mostly), with a little Miquon and Life of Fred mixed in
  • Handwriting - Pentime for Ben (cursive) and HWT for Daniel (print)
  • Reading - Reading Comprehension from Varied Subject Matter (2nd set) for Ben, and finishing up ETC for Daniel - along with tons of books, of course
  • Vocab - WorldlyWise online for both
  • Science - Apologia Zoology for both (flying for Fall and swimming for Spring)
  • Social Studies - Galloping the Globe for both
  • Art - A mix of things, with a little Rod & Staff motor skills thrown in for Ben
  • Music - piano for both
  • PE - bowling league & xbox kinect for both
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