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August 2nd, 2012, 07:11 PM
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The three boys will be using Calvert and Teaching Textbooks for math for the older two. Adrian will finish pre-k about the end of October and move right on to kindergarten. Fritz will be doing 2nd grade and Math 4 (he's already about 25 lessons into it). Cameron will finish 4th grade probably in December and move on to 5th grade in January. He's about 50 lessons into Math 4. Both boys will move on to Math 5 whenever they finish Math 4.

Ani will be in 9th grade and since Calvert only goes to 8th we had to do something different for her. I'm still working on lesson plans so I don't have all my resources exactly yet.
Daily Warm-up - Critical Thinking, Think-a-Grams, and Mind Benders and The Idiot's Guide to the ACT
American Government - combination of Complete, Great Courses, The Complete Idiot's Guide to US Government and Politics, and You Decide
Earth and Space Science - combination of Complete, Great Courses, and Joy Hakim's Story of Science
Language Arts - IEW, some novels (haven't made final selections yet), Fix-It Grammar
Health - Nutrition and fitness Great Courses videos
Math - Teaching Textbooks (she's in Algebra I and will move on to Algebra II when she finishes I), Scratch Your Brain once she's in AII
Religion - our church has something for high school religion classes
Fashion Technology - my mom will be teaching that class to her, not sure what they are going to make, but it'll be all hands-on sewing
Latin - Latin Alive! 1
PE will just be typical stuff like swimming and roller skating
Art who knows, it just kind of happens
Music will be her violin (she's teaching herself to play)

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