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August 3rd, 2012, 11:57 AM
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yes Amanda I forgot glad you don't have the big GI says I have IBS too, I think that is just what they say when you have poop issues and nothing else is found IMO but whatever lol it could be worse...I take a probiotic Florastor, it is pricey but I swear to you it is the only thing that calms my GI system down, my GI suggested it and it really has worked wonders, I buy mine off amazon but maybe ask the GI about it? mine gave me a months worth of samples before I committed to buying it.

I think my kids just love being oohhed and awwed over, my niece and nephews friends love my kids and my kids love them, it's a pretty neat dynamic and my niece and nephew are both super awesome people with super awesome friends, it's all good. We are lucky people to have all these super awesome people in our lives.

and yes sucky moms suck but in turn Kelly and Jennifer are super moms! the cycle is broken and that's what matters!
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