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August 3rd, 2012, 09:06 PM
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Hi, I just joined this forum today but have visited it a zillion times before .I can complete yrs ate to the anxious ttc women. So,I thought I should also add some words of encouragement. I have been married for 5 yrs. I didn't try for a kid for first 2.5 yrs, assuming that I can have it whenever u want it. But, I was so wrong. My husband's in merchant navy, so we are together for only 6 months in an year. This puts more pressure on us. Before I started to try, got all my tests. My prolactin was high, so I was on cabergoline for 2 years. Though the levels got stabilised but to maintain it while ttc had to continue with it. I got all possible tests done to find out everything is normal. I was 27 when I started trying and today I am gonna turn 30 soon. I got 2 IUI done but conception didn't happen. I got hsg test( test to check the blockage of Fallopian tubes) and found out everything is normal and smooth.I used to get follicle monitoring every month to figur out which are the trying days and used to get hcg shots to ensure ovulation. I had given up hope and was disillusioned. My doctor was very hopeful and used to encourage me every time. Finally after trying of 15 months I conceived naturally ( 8 months of self trying and 7 months of follicle monitoring and hcgs) . The difference I had noted in that month were as follows- 1. I had taken a break from my job for 3-4 months (tht means less stress level). 2. Quit coffee. 3. Used pressed as lubricant( ever since we has started intercourse I had been using ky jelly as lubricant, but read somewhere it might hinder the movement and life of sperm . The only user friendly lubricant was pre seed so ordered it tight away.I had read on a lot of forums that people using pre seed conceived immediately and tried to know it was true.). So out of the three reasons above I think less stress and using pressed definitely worked for us and today I am 5 days 5weeks pregnant. So, don't lose hope as you don't know which month it will happen to you. Ihope this helps and gives u hope. Please have patience and faith in god. Power of a prayer is enormous
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