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August 4th, 2012, 08:28 PM
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Hello, I'm Sharpay. 3 weeks after I had my son I developed a vein long blood clot in my left leg and a pulmonary embolism. I have been scared for 3 years to have anymore children but the more I have prayed about it and put things in the Lord's hands He has changed my thinking. My DH and I are now wanting to TTC baby #2. MY OB has told me not to have anymore children but my internest who is wonderful especially when I was dealing with the DVT situation has told me I'll just go on Lovenox or Heparin during pregnancy and for 6 weeks after birth. I have seen on here there are a lot of Mom's who have had the same situation I did with my first pregnancy or either have a clotting disorder regardless if pregnant. I have also found others on other forums. My question to you is are you scared? Or do you full trust in the blood thinner? Should I stop and not TTC anymore? My family says that's the worst thing I could ever do to myself and my family is if I became pregnant. We trust God 100% and I have hope because I have read that many women just like me go on to have lots more babies...two ladies I found after their DVT have gone to have 6 children. I probably wont have that many lol I'll be fine with just one more. I just want to do the right thing. We would love to have more children but if I'm being stupid about this then I wont do it. My husband can get a vasectomy. We're really praying and hoping God will give us that little girl we both would adore.

I'm sorry if this is confusing lol I'm just so excited to be on this board and be able to talk with women like myself. I would also appreciate any other info besides what I asked if you would like to share.

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