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August 5th, 2012, 08:57 AM
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Neither DH or I participate in any religion. The kids go to Awana on Weds with the neighbor at a very small church. They sometimes do a program in the summer too, it's just a couple hours in the evening for about a week, and they do lots of messy stuff, like food slip&slides and stuff.

I think they should choose their own thing too, though I think that the smaller they are when they go the more they're going to believe whatever they hear. If they want to change their minds later I've let them know that it's ok. The Awana especially buys kid in with candy and prizes, and lots of fun stuff they don't do at home. Not real sure that they actually even learn anything. Well Noah has picked up a few things, but RJ and the girls I'm not real sure.

I was forced to do sunday school and confirmation class and it was the most boring thing ever. I especially hated the weekend trips, I went to a different middle school than the rest of the kids just based on the part of the city we lived in (there are 3 middle schools here) and I would have much rather been home with my own friends. My only memories from early church is crying and begging not to go, and drinking the confirmation wine standing in line with my parents and getting a stomach ache LOL

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