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August 5th, 2012, 12:39 PM
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W&C's mom picks the kids up at 6 on Friday. It's hit or miss if she gets here at exactly 6 because she lives on the other side of Baltimore and always has to drive through Friday rush hour traffic. Fun times for her and her BF, I'm sure. Not that I really care.

Anyway, she called Friday at about 4 and asked if she got here early could she get the kids early. She was obnoxiously nice on the phone. And of course I said she could get them whenever she got here (Neely was not home) and I even spoke to her about keeping the boys till Monday (we have tickets for a concert tonight that starts when Neely is supposed to pick the kids up and we didn't realize it was a Sunday night when we bought the tickets) and of course she agreed.

But when she got here, she was cold and almost nasty and hardly acknowledged me, much less spoke to me.

I don't really expect anything less from her, but it's still annoying.
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