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August 5th, 2012, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Leanne78 View Post
Same here. Our family room really does look like a daycare center. She's got a sweetheart playhouse, a schoolbus slide/climb thingie, kitchen set, and a little tikes table and chairs and her picnic table that we only take outside for cook outs and stuff. A lot of it is stuff we got on Craigslist or from other people. She's definitely spoiled rotten though from my entire family. My sister just bought her a reclining chair that is sitting in our bedroom now. As far as "toys" though, she doesn't have a lot of little stuff. Just mostly the bigger stuff and few toys that I rotate out because I don't like having too much out at a time. I really don't plan to buy much of anything for the new baby until she's much older since we have everything and they'll just have to share.
Yeah, we have a lot of big items too, which makes it look like we have even more than we do. 2 doll houses, a play kitchen, toy benches, play shopping cart, a few doll strollers, outdoor climbers and slides and pools...I could go on and on.

I have learned my lesson though! With so many other people spoiling her, I'd rather spend money on her via trips, the zoo, the aquarium...etc. Seems much more worthwhile. It's more important to create memories than have material items.

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