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August 5th, 2012, 02:24 PM
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If you've seen my other post please don't judge me that i'm back in this situation only four months later. I was very comforted when i was here before, and need that same kind of feeling. So please tell me what you it possible that i'm pregnant?

Okay so my last period was from july 22-27th. I had sex on july 31st, and august 4th. i have my period about every 28-30 days. It was unprotected sex, both times. Used the pull out method, but had sex multiple times so i know sperm can be in the pre ***. I know i haven't made smart choices, but right now i really need help on what you guys think. I'm having, not super painful, but crampy pressure like feelings on my lower left side. Its just uncomftorable. Obviously i wouldn't feel it from august 4th i don't think, but could it be implantation cramping from having sex on july 31st? please help
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