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August 6th, 2012, 09:41 AM
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We aren't religous, but we do get invited to church from time to time with various friends. I'm starting to think they get some kind of tote bag of if they sign up a certin number of members and hey, they get 6 (7 soon) with just one family for us.

If we go with the girls, they're usually pretty good. DD always falls asleep, always. DSD3 can get a little nosiy, we've been known to step outside during the service so she can get her energy out. DSD2 always has questions afterwards. Lots of questions.

I do remember going to church with one my friends when we were kids (I was like the only kid who didn't go to church, so I'd get taken all the time by friends), once I went to Sunday school with a friend, and at the end the teacher said "Are there any questions", so I raised my little hand and said "So, how do we know the bible is true" and she gave an answer that basically said "Because God says it is", so I nodded and waited a few moments then raised my hand and ask "So, how do we know God exists" and she responded "The bible tells us so", so then I said, "So God exists because the Bible says so, and the Bible is true because God says so, isn't that circular logic?", I never got asked back to that church. I always tell people when they ask us to attend "Alex will have questions, we won't stop her from asking them, still want us to come?".
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