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August 6th, 2012, 11:47 AM
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It drives me INSANE!!!!!!!

I usually buy cases of water and those single juice packets. Our water is community well and tastes gross. I constantly find water bottles with juice sitting around that nobody will claim. I tried having permanent markers laying around and telling them to mark their bottles. But that didn't keep up and I don't have time to be the water bottle nazi!

They have friends over and their friends also waste our stuff. So now I have been telling them when they have friends over they can offer them tap water in a glass! Or they can make a pitcher of juice with tap water (we do have some mixes for pitchers full too).

When we run out I wait a while before buying more juice packets and just tell them they shouldn't have wasted so many. Then I hear them complain. They still do it when I buy them again. Plus I also find half drank plain water bottles laying around too.

Any ideas???

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