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August 6th, 2012, 02:18 PM
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We had to be water bottle nazis before we moved. It's not fun! We eventually got a Brita pitcher and filter and it solved most of the problems - it meant my 5 yo dsd couldn't get her own water because it was too heavy (it was too heavy for my 8 yo dss when it was full too) but we didn't get as frustrated if we had to pour water down the sink. Is that an option for you? I've never used water from a well and so I'm not sure if it can be filtered or not.

They rarely waste juice boxes, but we find large bottles of juice to be more efficient for us anyway. I would mix a pitcher full if that's an option for you. It would allow you to pour half glasses to kids who chronically don't finish full bottles - I only have 1 stepchild who I pour full glasses of anything to.

Food waste is sometimes and issue but much like with drinks, the best remedy has been smaller portions in the first place (and telling them to ask before they throw anything out my 8 yo dss would throw out whole strips of bacon if he didn't eat them at breakfast).

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