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August 6th, 2012, 06:02 PM
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I rather go to church with hypercritical people then go to hell with them.It is not how great we are but how wonderful God is.The only way to have a life forever is to believe that Jesus died on the Cross for your sins.God sent him and if you accept it he will baptise you in the holy spirit and live with him forever.If you do not believe in him you will go to hell.I don't want that to happen to any one....sometimes people who pose to be christians are not and hurt people.The people in a church or school who does that is not of God...In his word he tells about that in matthew.Don't judge God by bad people.Judge God by what he has done for you.He has blessed you all with a large family.You are not in control of that .If that was the case then the women who wants to get pregnant would.If you do not tell your kids about God you will be judged.I will too.If I do anything against my father I will be in trouble.Mormons are not of God...they speak against him. I am sorry if anyone has been hurt by anyone who says they are christian people who beat on you or treat you bad is not of God...Please do not allow bad people to send you to hell..In christ I love you all....It makes me sad and makes me cry.I am not better than any of you.I am just in love with my savior and he saved me.
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