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August 6th, 2012, 06:29 PM
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I too am kind of torn between the two styles. I did buy the sleeper.

As another posted there is the reversible napper/changer option which I saw in person. To me that was nothing to compare to the separate napper and sleeper individually. The individual napper was plush and to me the reversible one was hard and plastic feeling (not the exact one you posted on the separate).

Two weeks ago Target had the separate one online marked down to $120 and I hesitated before ordering and it sold out. Oddly right after their Black Friday in July sale was over it was back for the full $160+ which made me wonder if the % off wasn't supposed to apply to sale so they marked it out of stock?

I guess my point being, if you are watching the budget and not set on that print there may be an option for a sale (which is what I am hoping for in a neutral).
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