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August 6th, 2012, 07:56 PM
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The nausea has definitely gotten better. I am also able to eat, although I have to take my time and not eat as much as I'm used to. So far I've lost 4 lbs, although I haven't weighed myself in 2 days so I could have lost more. I hope not. I've been able to avoid Zofran, which is good. It seems like most of my issues are in the morning. Night is pretty good though.

Also having achy pains in my upper back along with chills. I'm a tiny bit worried that I'm coming down with the flu....I really really hope not. I haven't had the flu in years (knock on wood).

In other news, my doppler broke. I dug it out yesterday to try to make sure it still worked (I know it's still pretty early) and after turning it on I didn't hear much coming out of it, fiddled with the volume (I had it all the way up) and tried to hear my heartbeat with it and there was nothing. I replaced the batteries and tried again....and it still wouldn't work. Unfortunately, it's a goner. Go figure. I guess it's for the best, I don't want to worry myself by trying to find the heartbeat all the time.

Right now I'm just waiting for the 1st trimester to be over with. This is by far the most gut wrenching time right now. Anything can happen. My next ultrasound is on the 15th....I should be almost 9 weeks by that time so hopefully we'll see the baby more and have a good idea where the pregnancy is going.
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