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August 7th, 2012, 08:15 AM
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Are your kids in school yet? What grade(s) will they be in this year? My girls will be in Grade 10,8,6,4 and 2. Nephew is technically in Grade 12, but he's quite a ways behind.

Public? Private? Homeschooling? The younger 4 attend a private Christian School. My oldest is going to the public school (along with nephew) which she is excited about and ready for.

How does your faith impact your schooling choices if at all? It totally does. I deeply love our Christian School, my kids are there first and foremost to be taught from a Christian perspective, but I also really like that you have such access to the school and can be really involved. That said, I do like that now my oldest is going to the public school, she has her foundation but it's time for her to start deciding a few things for herself and I'm okay with her being challenged in who she is and what she believes in.
What do you do during the school year (aside from going to church on Sunday) to encourage their Christian education and spiritual growth? They are all involved in various church activities. We do devotions together and I pray every night with the younger 3.
What are you most excited for? routine
What are you dreading? routine
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