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August 7th, 2012, 09:28 AM
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So much going on here! My baby brother is back in jail for yet another DUI. He's an alcoholic, just can't not drink. So we are having to move him. I've been cleaning a bachelor pad since Friday. I got to scrub bathrooms. Yuckity.

He had a sweet deal. Free rent, no utilities, right next door to his $9 hour job. My aunt made it possible. But after she was raised by an alcoholic, she has no tollerance for it from anyone. So now we have a bunch of work ahead.

He was given some paintings, and he said I could keep one. Sweet of him, pretty painting. My aunt bought him a truck, and now she wants me to take it. I feel weird about that. Def need some sleep. My kids are absolutely filled with energy, though!
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