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August 7th, 2012, 01:21 PM
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Your name, DH Name: Liz and Kev
Children/Angels DD Tiana 16, DSD Doni 13, DS Kev 7, DS Ethan 7/23/12 (Rainbow Baby) Roo early loss 10/11
And anything else you want to share! Maybe how your journey brought you here. On our 9th anniversary last July, we decided to try for one more baby. By Oct we conceived. I was thrilled and never even suspected that there would be any issues. About a week after finding out, I started bleeding. I went to the er and they couldn't find anything. When they ran my numbers, they were super low and explained why nothing was seen on the u/s. They kept monitoring my numbers to make sure they dropped, and they did. OB considered it a chemical, but I don't like label. IMO, I lost a baby and you can't convince me otherwise. He advised us to wait a cycle or two, but life had other plans and I got pregnant with Ethan before I even had a chance to have my first menstrual cycle after losing Roo. Doc put me on progesterone and I had Ethan at 38 weeks via inductions due to the development of pre-e. Now, I feel like my family is truly complete and I'll be talking to the doc about permanent bc.

❤ Big Thanks to Vicki, trishosaurus, & Shortcake for the great siggies of my kids! ❤
Liz (36) Kev (35)
Tiana (16) Doni (14) Lil Kev (8) Ethan 7/23/12 Lil Roo 10/29/11

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