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August 7th, 2012, 01:48 PM
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It's not really advice, I guess, but my mom has been annoying. She thinks I'm crazy because I want a natural birth and wanna try it without meds. Whats getting to me is that she keeps saying "my pelvis was too small and I couldn't give birth naturally. You will probably take after me and need a c-section too." Stop telling me that, yes, it's possible but our body types are so different. She's 5'3" and was small. I'm 5'9" with big hips, so she can't compare it to me. lol. Also, everyone tells me the pain is too bad and I will want an epidural. At the birthing class the other day (the lady doesn't know what I'm into and what type of birth I want), she said that people who don't get epidurals are crazy and meditation, hyponobirthing and lamaze doesn't work and is pretty stupid. Um, thanks, for talking down about the birthing methods I'm interested in.
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