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August 7th, 2012, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by GiaTortilla View Post
Thanks ladies, I'm glad I have some support on that. My mom is probably the only one on my side about that, but my family has so many kids, it's like it doesn't phase them anymore, or they are always induced. That's not appealing to me in the slightest, and thanks for the reminder newgurl, I've been wanting to check out a group like that in my area.

And thank you Leanne! That was my first instinct, was that I have no clue how my baby will sleep and want to eat and such, it's easy to assume you can get things perfect, but let's be realistic here. I told the people who told me that, and they just think it's easy peasy if you know how to do it, whatever.
My mom is complete opposite, She thinks i am insane for doing a natural birth. She keeps telling me I need to stop being so selfish and stop trying to be super women. Even DH thinks I am stupid. I have news for everyone I am going to do it MY way. I am not 100% against the epi, I just want to try and do it with out it. She was like well what if you have to have a emergency c section they will knock you out and you wont wake up for hours after the baby is born and if the pain is so bad you wont let the baby drop and blah blah blah I have heard it all. Granted I have never gave birth before but why tell me all of these things instead of letting me try. My plan when it comes to L&D is to try and go for as long as I can with out the epi. IF i can't do it I will get it. But I'm not going to go in and say first thing i want the epi.

The annoying things I have been told are L&D hurts and I need to request the epi as soon as I get into the hospital. Pitocen contractions hurt worse then "normal" contractions and I just need to be prepared for the pain and not even try to do it if I am induced. The horror storys of L&D. How I need to formula feed because its so convenient for everyone to be able to feed the baby. How I need to walk so many miles a day by such time. How I need to use gas drops when baby is fussy. the list goes on and on. I really wish people would leave pregnant people alone and let them experience things with out having how person a's birth went and thats how yours will go and you need to do this and that and yada yada yada.. oh and one that happend just the other day thats drove me batty is how I need to let my infant stay with people and pawn him off so that he will be use to sleeping at other peoples houses and I can have some down time. Ok, I am not against my child spending the night with grandparents, but he will be five or six before that happens. I chose to have this baby it is my responsibility to take care of him and not "pawn: him off.

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