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August 7th, 2012, 04:34 PM
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I like seeing what everyone is doing all laid out like this.

Nathaniel is doing preschool this year.
I got him Heart of Dakota: Little Hands to Heaven which he seems to be enjoying. It covers all subjects. I also got him the Horizon's preschool curriculum but we're not using it as much. Every once in a while he'll want to do a workbook page or two but the interest never lasts long.
Honestly, I mostly just got Horizon's for him because I'm sentimental and wanted the Agapeland videos that came with it. We have the stories as read along books on tape from when Justin and I were kids and we love them but they're 30 years old now and wearing out. So now our kids can enjoy the same stories on DVD.

Mercy Jane is in kindergarten. We're using mostly Heart of Dakota: Little Hearts for His Glory and Horizons for her too.

History: HOD - LHFHG (using mostly Christian Liberty Press texts)
Science: HOD - LHFHG (using Christian Liberty Press "The World God Made")
Litterature: HOD - LHFHG (using Burgess Tales and other great children's litterature - This is our favorite part of HOD so far!)
Phonics & Reading: Horizons phonics K (This is a VERY advanced and heavy curriculum. We're taking it half speed for now so it will last us 2 years. But we like it so far.)
Fine Motor & Thinking Skills: HOD - LHFHG (using "Do it Carefully" & "Finding the Answers" workbooks from Rod and Staff)
Handwriting: Getty/Dubay Italic Book A (I had a really hard time deciding on this one. Still not sure we're 100% happy with it but we'll stick with it for now)
Math: Horizons K (HOD reccomends Singapore but Horizons is a better fit for us)
Geography: A bunch of different resources - mostly free online stuff and something I can't remember the name of right now.
Bible: HOD - LHFHG (using Devotions for the Children's Hour & Hide 'em in your Heart CD's), Agapeland, and a bunch of our own things.
Health: Horizons K (I don't think this one was necessary. I may sell it.)

"PE" and art are basically whatever activities my mother's helper or my husband come up with.

We're also doing music and French for both of them but we don't use a formal curriculum for either. I'm just teaching them the same way my mother taught me.

Wow! It looks like a lot written out like this. Can you believe we get it all done in less than 2 hours a day?
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