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August 7th, 2012, 10:23 PM
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Baby #4 (not born on or near a holiday )

Evan Alexander Michael
born July 25, 2012 @ 10:23 am
due August 5, 2012
7 lbs 13.9 oz and 19" long

At my 38 week appointment I was 2 centimeters dilated, my doctor anticipated me to go intolabor before my next appointment, Tuesday July 24th; he in fact said something about inducing me the following Wednesday if I miraculously did make it to 39weeks. I believed him in a way because I'd been having contractions every night for several weeks. These contractions would usually start after 3 in the afternoon and last through most of the night. On Tuesday July 23nd my contractions started around 11am instead, and Monday July 24th they started around 8am, right before my last appointment. At my appointment I was checked, 3 centimeters and finally some effacement. We decided to schedule my induction for 5am Wednesday morning.

Now, I know I probably said something somewhere about going into labor naturally when my body and baby are ready. But having contractions for about 3 weeks and my husband who has no patience whatsoever asking me every day several times a day when I'm going to have the baby, I was done. I had faith in my body to be able to handle being induced, since with my previous two pregnancies I ended up on pitocin regardless of going into labor on my own. So my husband went back to work letting his coworkers know that we were in fact having a baby on Wednesday (as we'd already assumed from my previous appointment). My husband was even able to ask his friend if his mom who had just came into town would watch the kids for us while I was at the hospital. It was hard to fall asleep Tuesday night but I did get several hours of good hard sleep before waking up around 430 in the morning. My induction had been moved to 6am, so I got everything in the van and make up on ready to go.

I drove to the hospital, I very much dislike my husband's driving . By the time we got up to labor and delivery we were a couple minutes late, mostly because my husband was chit chatting withour baby sitter. But the nurses were expecting me and had room 6 ready for me, right in front of the nurses station. I got hooked up to the monitors and an IV put in around 640 in the morning. I was having several good contractions on the monitor, and had asked the nurse if they were contractions just to be sure they were. Specifically because it was the same feeling I'd been feeling for the last 3 weeks, which meant that I had been contracting pretty regularly on my own and that my body is not completely dumb. The pitocin was started around 710am, my doctor wanted it started at 7am, but there was a problem with the pump and some things needed to be changed. The pump was set to start at 2 and increase by 2 every 15 minutes. One of the nurses who was taking my information got pissy at me because I had eaten a bowl of cereal for breakfast before coming in. Apparently I wasn'tsupposed to eat anything after midnight, just in case I puke on them. Whatever, no one told me not to. And I always puke during transition, whether my stomach be full or not.

I had been laboring at home all night, so from my appointment Tuesday morning I was 3cm dilated. Wednesday morning I was 3 1/2 before anything was started. At 750am I was 4cm just before my doctor broke my water, and immediately after flooding the entire bed lol, I moved to 5cm. He then went on to say that I should be pushing by about 930am. Ofcourse, he'd also predicted I'd not make it to my 39 week appointment, and when I did he predicted I wouldn't make it to my scheduled induction. So far he's 0 for 2. The nurse and my doctor called the anesthesiologist right after breaking my water. I told them I wanted to wait as long as I could before getting it, and was just not ready yet. But they were concerned about me wanting it and it being too late to get it. So I let them call him in and I was going to refuse when he got there, but I had a few contractions that made me cry a bit (still for me a manageable pain), so I went ahead with it. I cried the whole time, but stayed relaxed so that he could get in and get out and be gone. The anesthesiologist was super sweet, I had told him about my previous experience and how I could feel the lady scraping the bones in my back and being stuck a ton of times. The epidural was done around 825am.

My husband who'd been here the whole time (off and on, he'd run out to smoke every little bit) was playing on my iPod and making dumb jokes. It's a good thing I didn't want him there as a support person because he would have failed. He had only one job, to record the birth for me.

Anywho, the epidural was in and I was so super itchy, but the anesthesiologist insisted that I would be delivering soon and could not give me Benadryl because we didn't want the baby to be all sleepy coming out. He showed me the tiny little needle he stuck in my back and insisted that if I could get my tongue pierced then that tiny needle was nothing. No, just that I'm not at risk of being paralyzed when they stick the needle in my tongue, but thanks for trying tomake me feel better . I could still feel the contractions, but they weren't painful. I decided I wanted to go to sleep, my eyes were so heavy and I could barely keep them open, I just wanted to sleep. But I was so itchy, everything itched, I couldn't stop scratching and had to remind myself not to scratch but to rub instead. It was awful.

I was checked againat 9am and was 6cm dilated and 75% effaced. Then checked again at 936am and 8cm dilated. I was told to let them know if I started to feel pressure or the urge to push. I wasn't feeling any of it, but watching Evan's heart decel during a few contractions, I knew he was moving down. The reason for the frequent checks. At 1005am I was 9 1/2 cm dilated and the nurse decided it was time to call in my doctor who came in quickly and kinda snapped at my nurse about getting me cleaned up, ie wipe that gross brown stuff all over my private areas I had requested a mirror so that Icould watch everything, it is pretty awesome to see yourself progress. My husband had the video recording and was positioned to get the good shots lol. I was told around 1012am or so that we would push with my next contraction, well that didn't happen for a while, so we sat there talking about how big we think he was and how long it would take for me to get him out. Well I said it wouldn't take long because Ionly pushed for 20 minutes with my last delivery. But I knew it would be even less than that because as we were waiting for the contraction to start I could see my lower lady regions bulging, he was making his own way out.

So eventually I push and the doctor and nurse count to about 4 and tell me to stop. I look in the mirror and his head was already out, I was astonished. My doctor unwrapped the cord from his neck once then told me to give a slight push and he was all the way out. Evan was born at1023am. My husband and I had barely figured out his middle name just before he was born. The doctor placed him on my chest and handed me the scissors so that I could cut the cord. He had asked me earlier if I was sure my husband didn't want to do it and my husband and I both agreed that I would do it because my husband finds it gross (he finds the whole birth thing gross). Evan's cord, at least to me, seemed a lot easier to cut than Alan's cord did. But it could just be because I knew what to expect this time around.

Evan was taken over to the warmer and cleaned up a bit, he peed all over everything, just kept going and going. There ended up being a couple of small puddles on the floor and several receiving blankets were soaked. I had to remind my husband to go over there to take pictures. It was sweet though, he was talking to him a little bit, my poor husband just doesn't know what to do with newborns. Eventually he was weighed and measured. He was 7lbs 13.9oz and 19" long. My doctor was checking me and commented that there were no rips, tears,skid marks, or anything to do with me after delivering the placenta, which was intact and perfect. I didn't even bleed excessively which is something that I was worried about. I found out later, on the discharge paperwork, that Evan's APGARs were 9 and 9.

Finally Evan was brought to me and he latched on so quick and so perfectly that I knew breastfeeding was going to be a breeze with him. They didn't turn off my epidural until after I delivered the placenta which pissed me off because ittook over 4 hours for me to be able to get out of bed to use the toilet andeven then my legs were super wobbly. After using the toilet though I got to graduate to moving to the postpartum rooms upstairs. When I was recovering my husband ran off to get the kids and lunch. All I wanted to do was eat, I was starving. So I got to eat Burger King while waiting to feel my legs. The kids absolutely loved their baby brother, though Alan wasn't very interested in the baby. He was morei nterested in all the wires coming out of me and the bed that moved. The nurse took my IV out as soon as I told them I wanted to get up to use the toilet, even though that attempt was a fail.

After being taken upstairs my husband and the kids left to go home. I got to spend some serious alone time with my little man. The nurses told me to call them when I was ready to have him go up for his first bath. Yeah right, willingly call someone to take my baby from me. Eventually I did call them around 4pm, when the nurse came to pick him up I showed her how to work the cloth diaper. He was going to be put in a Lil Joey's and a t-shirt after his bath to have his pictures taken in.

It felt like forever before they brought him back to me. He slept and ate and pooped a few times. Then around 1am he decided it was time to be awake and I was struggling to keep my eyes open. Now in the hospital they don't want you sleeping with the baby in your bed, but he was awake and didn't want to be put down, and I wasn't sending him to the nursery,so I had a few tiny little catnaps while holding him. Making sure to keep an ear out for a nurse to knock on my door to check on us. Thankfully they hardly bothered us throughout the night. The did come in full charge at 5am taking blood from me and checking blood pressure and temperatures.

Evan's temporary pediatrician gave him a perfect bill of health and said he'd get the paperwork ready for him to be released after his circumcision. I was just waiting on my doctor to give me a good bill of health and do the circumcision. Which finally happened around 11am, he thought it was good timing because Evan hadn't eaten since 830am and he could eat once he got back tome. I had to call the nurses to have them bring him back after an hour or so, I thought they would bring him right back but I'm pretty sure they just hung on to him for a little while. My husband came back while I was waiting, he brought our youngest son and my daughter in with him. I told him not to come until I got a time that we were being released. So he stuck around the hospital for like 4 hours, complaining the whole time about still being there. I told him to leave and that I'd call him when we were ready to go. Finally around 4pm we were discharged, there were a bunch of ladies being discharged at the same time, and a bunch of ladies laboring downstairs so rooms had to be readied upstairs for them.

We stopped at the commissary on the way home to get toilet paper and stuff to make dinner. Then we were finally home at 5pm. It was so nice to be home. I was exhausted and starving and Evan was perfect.

Friday we went to the BX to get my pain medication filled since after birth pains for this babyis equivalent to the contractions I felt while on pitocin right before getting my epidural. Walking hurt so bad, I struggled with nearly every step, but there were not wheel chairs available so I had to push through it. I had Evan in the baby k'tan which is AMAZING, I even nursed him in it which was easy. Most people didn't even notice he was there,and some of them I can see pointing at me and making that "aww it's a baby" face.

We're doing well now, Evan is nursing still like a champ. My milk came in only after a couple of days, and ever since it did this boy wants a nipple in his mouth constantly. He loves the milk lol, and I'm pumping about 5oz a day, so I have a pretty good supply already. He cosleeps with me and my husband and my 3 1/2 year old. It's going well, I only have to roll my toddler over towards his dad a couple of times a night. He tries to snuggle me while he's sleeping but usually picks the time when Evan is on that side of the bed. I was taking Percocet and 2 ibuprofin 200mg tablets twice a day for pain as prescribed by my doctor, but didn't even need it for more than a couple of days and now have extra Percocet. I also took a stool softener (even though I had a tear free birth the stool softener is still very much needed, so don't forget to get those ladies) which I only took twice. The older kids are in love with him, Alan is still "ehh" about the baby. But I'm sure he'll grow to love him. My husband still doesn't know what to do with him, but every morning he'll roll over and talk to him while I'm using the bathroom. He didn't like to hold him because he's so little, but now he loves to cuddle his baby boy. Evan's umbilical cord finally fell off at 11 days old. We were on and off cloth diapering because the cord would rub on the diapers or it would get soaked because he's a super soaker (and pees straight up). And we are back in cloth now because the disposables leak so bad, and now I don't have to worry about the umbilical cord stump rubbing anymore.

Scarlett Diane

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