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August 8th, 2012, 12:43 AM
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Bulldog was divided into British Bulldog and French bulldog. British Bulldog is larger in shape than French. Ears drooping and head are really large. Because the bulk of puppies are prone to dystocia phenomenon about production, the adult dogs look is not cute than the French bulldog, and fewer people are willing to keep them. Corresponding, the pet supplies suitable for British Bulldog are seldom.
If you like the British Bulldog, it does not matter. The British Bulldog can rise without any dog carrier. Only you like the dog, the suppliers are next.
Here focuses on the French bulldog. French bulldog height of 30 cm, weight 10-15 kg, but also belong to the type of short, fat. There are two big stands up ears, looks very interesting. Purebred French bulldog chest must have white hair, known as the chest white. If you have dog clothes wearing for it, you will find that will hide the character of the dogs.
The French bulldog is a very personal dog, failing to calm, rarely barking. If living raise is also not a big problem in the population density is relatively high buildings. The disadvantage of this dog have short nasal, too fat can cause breathing difficulties and other problems.
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