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August 8th, 2012, 09:44 AM
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I started our little girl on rice cereal and a few days later oatmeal at 4 months.... was planning on waiting until later, but had to earlier to get some sleep at night. .

I stuck with cereal until 5 months.... so far we've had sweet potatoes (like after a few bites) bananas out of the mesh feeder (Love! but had to stop cause it gave her tummy cramps/gas) Pears (like .....but Love! frozen in a tiny amount in an ice cube tray and fed out of the mesh feeder.... AWESOME idea... makes her happy in a cranky mood) We also Love! peaches, and Like butternut squash I'm introducing slowly in little quantities and one at a time to double check for reactions.

We love eating off a spoon and open our mouth like a bird. If she's super hungry she attacks the spoon!

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