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August 8th, 2012, 02:29 PM
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Hello, I thought I'd throw in my experiences with the HSG vs. hysterosonogram tests. The HSG (hysterosalpingogram) was incredibly painful. The balloon inflation alone hurt badly, so I just kept chatting with the girl holding my hand and taking deep breaths. The dye injection caused a shocking, strong contraction on the last push even though I had no blockages. I screamed, it was so strong. I had taken ibuprofen before hand which did not help. But, after the catheter was removed I had no pain at all and the whole thing was pretty quick. However, I will say that the contrast dye remained in my uterus, dumping out suddenly hours before my next period started. That was odd and I'm glad I didn't get pregnant that month.

I just had the hysterosonogram done. I was very nervous, given my HSG experience. This was for IVF prep, so it was preceded by the mock embryo transfer which felt like an IUI. The scrubbing of the cervix causes mild, but quick, pain, and that's the first step with any of these. The catheter for the hysterosonogram seemed larger than for the mock embryo transfer, and it caused a fairly strong cramp before the saline was even pushed in. So, I started panicking that it would get way worse with the saline. The doctor scurried around looking for some lidocaine to inject, but couldn't find any. However, that few-minute delay was enough for the cramping to subside. The saline was pushed very slowly an caused only some discomfort/pressure, no bad cramps. I would just recommend if the catheter triggers any pain to get them to wait a few minutes and take it slow. Unlike the HSG test, I have had cramps all day after the hysterosonogram, even after advil and naproxen sodium the doc gave me, and once again, the fluid has not come out at all.
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