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August 8th, 2012, 08:07 PM
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Okay, please, please, please, do not let this turn into a debate. But, I am seriously so nervous about my baby getting whooping cough! I have been reading up on it and the site I was just reading (webmd) said that deaths are most likely to happen in infants less than 3 months. I am all about keeping my baby to myself and keeping our family mostly at home for three months, but our parents, siblings, etc will want to meet the baby and I cannot make them wait three months Obviously, I do have places to go, but I plan to wear her in a carrier so people cannot get too close. From what I read, whooping cough lives in the respiratory tract and is spread through sneezing and coughing, often by people who do not know they have it. So, asking everyone to wash their hands isn't going to matter if they want to get close enough to breathe on my baby!!
So what do I do? I cannot prevent our parents, siblings from holding the baby, but I kind of want to! I don't want to let fear control my life, but I am scared! I always thought it was weird how some moms were so paranoid about babies getting sick, but that was before I heard so much about whooping cough and now I am becoming a weird, paranoid mom! Tell me I am overreacting...
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