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August 9th, 2012, 12:58 AM
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The dogs can not clean their love nest, so its the responsibility of owners for their pets to create a clean and safe home environment in addition to provide pet supplies.

For the Dog Bed: the dog bed should be placed around the corner or under an infrequently used table in the room, so that it will feel more secure. When you choose the bed for dog, youd better select the material which fabric is thick and easy to clean. If your dog has a large size, the dog house may be better; you can put an inflatable pillow for it to cool in summer. And the dog bed should be thoroughly cleaned once a month to eliminate the possibility of odor and bacteria.

For the food container: buy some rubber small round pad under the pet food bowl, can secure the bowl, also to avoid pet bowl knocked over when the dog eating. And a sport bottle is needed when you travel out with the dog, and it can also be used to keep the water clean and change the water timely.

Throw away pet pipes toys which may get stuck, and toys with large piece of hard plastic or bone-like debris is very dangerous. As a responsible owner, you must also keep the dog healthy as well as the home tidy.
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