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August 9th, 2012, 07:36 AM
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My daughter Emelie is a 6th grader and I homeschooled her for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade through Seton Home Study. I placed her in a local private christian school and it ended up being mostly a review of her homeschool 4th grade year. I supplemented her private school work with additional work at home, so she did advance in some areas. She had a 5th grade teacher that was more about fun than actual school work. I'm back to homeschooling Emelie. I decided to place together my own curriculum this year, and I'm using mainly Seton Books. I was very happy with the Seton curriculum but wanted more freedom of choice.

Engish/Language: Seton English 6
Math: Saxon Math 7/6
Spelling: Seton Spelling 7
Vocabulary: Seton Vocabulary 6
Reading: Seton Reading 6 comprehension and Seton Reading 6 Thinking Skills, plus several books for book reports.
Latin: Rosetta Stone Latin 1
History: European History, I'm putting this together on my own
Social Studies: Instructional Fair U.S. Government
Science: Mark Twain Media, Introducing Physical Science.
Art: No book, crafts, and visits to art museums.
Music: Guitar Lessons
Physical Education: Gymnastics and Distance Running

Our school year will start on 20 August.
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