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August 9th, 2012, 10:21 AM
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Long time ago I was stressed because I wanted to know everything in the bible and it seemed so that time I had started in the NT and read jude backwards then try to read the gospels...But you are right the best of all place to start is Genesis.There are some many great things to learn there.What I love about God is he made the bible that you have to keep read it over and over again and he gives you new messages every time

For myself I'm in 2kings right now...I try to read as much as I can daily and pray.I try to write things down.Things I'm afraid I will forget or something I may have learned and share with my kids.

We do pray over each other...this morning my son was not feeling well so we got together and prayed for him...he does look way better...there is power in prayer.

we try to take anything in the house that is not of God out.We don't have cable they don't have phones....They are not allowed on the internet aless it is something that I approve of....but it is not a control freak thing I am against some of the stuff that I may not beable to stop if we had it although there are some good things to. they enjoy themselves reading and playing games we do watch a lot of christian films....kid movies.
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