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August 9th, 2012, 02:52 PM
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Well, I think I spoke too soon. I've needed the Zofran the past 2 days, and yesterday was absolutely horrible. I had THE WORST aura migraine and didn't even get to enjoy the Taco Bell that my hubby brought home for me that I was craving earlier.

I ended up throwing up just from the sheer pain of the migraine. This morning I still felt a little funny and wasn't quite sure I wanted to take Zofran but ended up deciding to take a dose today so I could eat. I've lost 8 lbs as of today. I'm not really sure what to do, other than just keep doing what I'm doing and at least staying hydrated, taking my vitamins, and eating what I can. I do feel bad though. I feel like I'm wasting away almost.

The kitties have been all over me lately. Bell is particularly cuddly with me and always needs to be cuddled up near my stomach. I keep telling her that pretty soon she'll have a big belly to contend with (hopefully). For now I enjoy her cuddles. It just makes me feel happy about everything.

I've been putting off going to get these lab draws done, but I guess I gotta get my butt going and just do it tomorrow. Hopefully I'll feel good tomorrow and will want to get up and move and do things. Right now I'm just in a place where I can't even stand up in the shower. I've sat down every single time to take a shower because I'm just so fatigued.
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