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August 11th, 2012, 01:45 AM
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I thought of my daughter's name Jakaira Destine Years ago.....
I named her after an old friend that use to be my bestfriend back in
jr high...who later...when I was about to divorce my hubby, said that
I might want to try to work it out and was a really good support to me
when I needed that.....she was the type of friend to not tell me what
I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear ( a strong woman )
well her name is Jocelyn Kera so I took the J in her first name and
put it with her middle get Jakaira........... and Ive always liked
the name Destine and knew I would use it @ some point. That is how I
came up with my daughter's name. My mom loves my daughter's first name
but dis likes the name Destine and saids its too masculine....she was begging
me to change it to Destinee to make it feminen by that time....I had already signed the birth mom even went so far to say that my daughter is going to grow up mad at me, over this.... I hope she is wrong. My daughter was destined to be our daughter...that is the meaning behind the name Destine. my dad in law did a search for the name Jakira and found out it means Smart one. There is no meaning for Jakaira if you look it up. Anyway yeah........
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