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August 11th, 2012, 05:19 PM
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To answer the initial question, I get annoyed when people voice most assumptions, they vary from, what you stated, that we must be on benefits because we have 5 children / are financially supporting 6. But they also include things like "The older 2 must be from a previous marriage" "the little one must be an accident" "you would have to have a huge house" "you must spend a lot of money on food" "you must be Catholic" "you must have certain political beliefs" and so on.

Some might be true, such as how my youngest came into existence, and yeah, we generally spend more on food than a family with one child would (umm... duh?) but it is still stuff that doesn't really need to be voiced.

Same goes with judging why people are on benefits, or marital status or how long someone's hair is or what shoes someone wears or where they live or what colour their bedsheets are.

No one knows other than them, no one is really in a position to judge.
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