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August 11th, 2012, 08:51 PM
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You also live in the poorest state in the US.

I think it's quite different for people who live in the states than it is in other countries am I right Cybele? There's not so much EXTRA benefit unless you really need it, but everyone gets more than we get in the US. More time off, more benefit for our children, different, dare I say better, health care etc.

I have never been judged to my face. If I were, I'd probably just come here and pout about it lol I don't say things back to people, no confrontation here.

My husband works 10 hours a day sometimes 6 days a week, but he gets paid flat rate, not hourly. He works harder than a hell of a lot of men I know. Plus you know what, right now going to school doesn't mean ****, except that you have student loans to pay back. Of course his work paid for his schooling. ANYWAY I don't work because I was working for fun. I was paying more for daycare than I brought home, so yes, we get some benefits. If anyone has a problem with it they can rant all they want behind my back, or even to my face, it's not going to make any difference at all really until people start getting paid better and this "wonderful" united states becomes more wonderful.

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