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August 12th, 2012, 10:57 AM
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Name: Arwen
Screen name: Spyctre
Baby's Birthday: Valentine's
Baby's Name: Winter Rose
Is baby eating solids? If so what are babies favorite? Yes. She likes sweet potato and banana equally best so far, but that's all we've tried.
What "big" milestones has baby met? She's at sitting and scooting right now. Can sit pretty well on her own, but I still pile pillows around her. She scoots/crawls around like she's a commando. All arm work. She will go in a circle and forward, but she mostly shoves backward. She also started to bounce while she's standing--holding onto something, of course.
James Arwen est. April 2, 2005
Alice Marie - January 9, 2008
Winter Rose - February 14, 2012
Liliana Vale - September 25, 2013

Daniel Constantine - July 19, 2016
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