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August 12th, 2012, 01:04 PM
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Originally Posted by LiamsMother View Post
Congratulations on the baby, Liz. He's beautiful.


If I'm bf and pumping but not supplementing, I'm not eligible for LAM?

If you're feeding the pumped breastmilk to baby in a bottle, then you're not eligible for LAM. The removal of milk isn't what suppresses fertility, but the stimulation from the suckling. The pump doesn't provide the same stimulation as suckling does; so a pumping session is not equivalent to a nursing session in terms of it's effect on fertility.

Pumping after each nursing session (to relieve engorgement or build up supply) doesn't disqualify you from LAM since the baby is still getting all nourishment from the breast (so providing you with all that suckling stimulation to suppress fertility). The minute a bottle enters the picture, no LAM!

Make sense?
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