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August 12th, 2012, 05:28 PM
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I am a FTM so not to sure what will actually work for me but I have asked other mothers and was one of the support people at my sisters natural birth.I plan on having all of these handy.
Shower/bath, tennis ball for back presure, rolling pin for massage(feels so good), Exercise ball, ice packs, hot water bottle, Massage from DH or mom.
I have a sheet printed out with different positions so my DH and Mom can help me find something comfy, Focal point and Music.

Plus then there are the comfort measures I have used already and that have worked well with my pre-term labour, my BH and night pains: My favorite blanket, focal point, dim lighting or no lights and candles.

We will see what i actually use, expecially as I am having a hospital birth, and with baby being breech will no longer be allowed to labour at home. Hope this gives you an idea or two.
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