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August 13th, 2012, 07:26 AM
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I would say researching childbirth and the changes that occur before, during, and after is what really helped me. Along with taking an out of hospital natural childbirth class.

It really, really helped being able to think to myself "Ok, this is getting unbearable and contractions are 3 mins apart, lasting a good minute or more...I must be close to transition." Knowing what needed to happen in order for labor to start (thinning and dilating). Knowing different positions and how to tell DH to support me was also crucial. With my first, I would never have though to labor on my hands and knees or in a side lying position with a body pillow while DH massaged (counter pressure) my back.

Education for me was key for "natural pain relief." Also, I think your caregivers play an important role. My midwives were amazing both during pregnancy and L&D. I had some anxiety on our 50 mile hike to the birth center, but once we got there I had such an overwhelming feeling of peace. Words can't describe how wonderful it was to have my midwife meet us at the car, help me inside, set up DD in the playroom, and just overall having such a calm and encouraging presence. If I was with any other providers, I highly doubt I would have had the same encouragement, calmness, peace, etc.

If you are in a hospital, request a nurse who is experienced with natural childbirth and research your hospital! Some are more NB friendly then others. For DD1, the nurse I had was very pro-epidural. When I got my hospital records, she had it as apart of my "plan of care" to get an epidural 2 hours before I caved. I caved because she wouldn't let me move off my back. So nurses can really help or hinder.

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