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August 13th, 2012, 01:58 PM
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He spent the night with a friend and he came home around 8:30 this morning. He immediately went into Clayton & Daniel's room and woke them up, before I had a chance to stop him. Then he started picking with Daniel, saying things that he knew upset him. I told him to stop being a jerk to his brother and not more than 5 minutes later, Clayton told me that he told Daniel that he was going to choke him to death and it would be a slow, quiet death and no one would know.

I was/am furious. Since then, I've been calling around to various behavioral health places to try to have him seen this week. I can't believe he would think that would be OK to say. He's gotten in trouble for saying something similar in the past (at school), so I just can't fathom how his 7 year old brother could make him that angry.

Anyway, I'm not really afraid that he would hurt him because he's never been violent. He likes to run his mouth, but rarely acts on it.

I was talking to Clayton (I took him and Daniel out to lunch and left Will at home with James) and he said that he really doesn't like Will much cause he's jerk so often (his words). And Daniel chimed in with "I don't like him at all!" I just think that's really really sad.
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