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August 13th, 2012, 04:34 PM
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and what do I expect?

We're potty training right now and Ash has been doing amazing. She's pretty much trained but every few days she has a random near liquid poop all over the carpet because she can't get to the potty or hold it in. She's been having poops like this for a while and we always figured she got slipped some dairy because she has known dairy problems..but the thing is, I've been making sure and she HASN'T had dairy every time. Plus I want to make sure dairy is an allergy and not just a lactose intolerance. Poor kid begs and begs for ice cream, dairy-based dips, pastas with dairy-based sauces, etc and she can't have them. For a while we couldn't even fine soy or coconut milk yogurt and SO just found soy yogurt. I'd prefer not to give her soy, but she wants yogurt and ice cream so badly that I gave in on the soy so she can have soy yogurt and cookie crumbs while I had ice cream and cookie crumbs.

Anyways, getting off track. Where do I begin? What can I expect with testing? Do they still do the little scratches with some contraption with the allergens like they did with me when I was younger? I think that's why I haven't pushed it. That testing was terrifying and it HURT.

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