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August 14th, 2012, 06:59 AM
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Zoe refused to take a bath this morning. I got her in but i had to bribe her with Mr. Bubbles foam soap. I showed her that if she tooked a shower this morning she got to play with the soap. I sprayed it on the walls in the shower and it worked. She then thought that my cat needed a bath also and started covering him in soap.

So on top of already being hit with Morning sickness and also had to give the cat a bath. Not fun. Now its time to get us ready for our long day. I have my injection @ 10:30 then from there We will be traveling an 1 and 15 mins away to her neuro appt.

so not looking foward to sitting in that office for 30 mins waiting on the 20 min eeg then waiting 30 mins longer to see PA. Hopefully I get out of there by 2:30. I dont want and dont think my car will make it through stop and go traffic.
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