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August 14th, 2012, 08:37 AM
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Do you plan to use cloth diapers or disposable? cloth

What led you to your decision? DS is allergic to disposables thanks to a chemical burn from pampers when he was 2 months old. He is now still in cloth so its just easier. I will never buy disposables ever again.

Originally Posted by Almondeyes View Post
Disposables. I can't sit there and clean poop or put it in my machine. It kind if grosses me out. Power to all of you ladies who can.
Not to start a debate buy you don't have to 'clean poop' its the same as disposables, you flush the solids (when its solid) and then stick the diaper in a wet bag until its wash time. Did you know on the side of the disposable packets it says that solids need to be flushed?

I too said the same thing about my machine when my daughter was born and thought cloth was disgusting and no way would I ever do it. Well I was forced into cloth as my son is allergic to disposables.

Someone said to me that I will be washing poop, pee and vomited on clothes anyway.... and was I going to throw those things out so I didn't have to wash them. Kinda put things into perspective.

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