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August 14th, 2012, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by ShesaDreamer View Post
we have dealt with this from K before. But with him it was his mom egging him on and making him think that if he acted out really bad that we would send him to live with her. He's finally realized that it's not gonna happen and while he will still lie about things I can always tell when he is lying so he gets caught.
I sometimes wonder if that's not what's going on in Will's head. He has a very odd relationship with his mom.

Anyway, I was up against some serious road blocks getting him into a therapist. Every place I called had a wait list of at least 4 weeks, some longer. But one place I wasn't able to get through to yesterday called back today and I was able to get him an appointment next Friday.

I told Will about it and he complained. I don't get it. He was all for counseling when his mom suggested it, but the minute we're on board with it and it's a bad thing.
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