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August 14th, 2012, 05:40 PM
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So a little run-down of how my evening went last night.

I worked a 12hr night shift at the hospital in the ICU. Ate my last meal at 7:30pm and had my first blood draw for my GTT at 7:30am. Ugh...

Then I drank the Glucola (cold)...actually I chugged it in like 4 minutes then waited an hour, they drew blood, waited another hours, they drew blood. Finally I was able to eat but only a quick granola bar and orange juice before my OB appointment at 10:15am.

And, naturally, because its August and school is starting soon there were 900 kids waiting for physicals when I got there. Per usual, I peed in a cup, got my weight, and took my blood pressure. Everything was great. I'm finally back to my pre-preg weight and my BP was normal. No swelling or edema in my legs, hands, or face. Baby's HB is still in the high 140s and no red flagged symptoms. Other than the newly experienced BH which he said to keep an eye on from here on out. But he stated I'd know for sure what a real contraction was when it came. Also, let them know about fluid, blood, or serious pains. (Duh!)

Then, doc measured my stomach with the tape measure from my pubic bone to the top of my uterus (fundus) and stated it was measuring almost 28 weeks...about a week and a half further than baby is currently. He didn't seem concerned because I'm not retaining fluid elsewhere but I can't help but wonder why my uterus has measured a little larger every time. Maybe baby is just growing differently. She hasnt' been through a growth spurt in a while....hmmm...

Anyway, long story-short, the appointment(s) went well I was just exhausted and hungry by the end of the morning. I snoozed a little this afternoon and then experienced another BH this evening. Should probably keep an eye on those suckers if they become more intense...

Thats all. Nothing else exciting other than next month we'll start seeing him every two weeks!!! Hello reality check!
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