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August 14th, 2012, 11:54 PM
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Are you a scientist, have a science degree, or a science junkie?

I wish I had majored in one of the sciences. I find the story of the origins of the universe and evolution to be far more amazing than any religion. So much of what we have discovered has been amazing. I also love all the different ways that nature and the universe in general tries to kill us, yet it's still awesome. XD

My favorite thing ever? People complaining about how horrible science is... on the freaking internet!

Do you have any favorite scientists or scientists that you look up to?

I enjoy Michio Kaku especially his big think videos. I've always been interested in astronomy. I also like Stephen Hawking, more so because I admire all he had to over come. And Richard Dawkins of course. His book, The Greatest Show on Earth really gave me an appreciation for evolution. Marie Curie too, because working with radiation is badass XD.

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