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August 15th, 2012, 08:36 AM
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Well...Pokey lives inside me and is very tiny still. And my dog has no questions regarding sexuality. So no talks so far. My kid will be raised by two moms, some gay uncles, a few lesbian aunts, and a bi-sexual dad. I think they'll have more questions about what heterosexuality is.

I don't really remember my mom and I ever having an official talk. One of her friends had a son who was gay (about 10 years older then me) and once I saw him kiss his boyfriend. My mom asked if I had any questions about what I saw. I wanted to know why they weren't going swimming with us. That was it. That was my big question. Two dudes kissing? Cool. But why aren't they swimming with us? When I started dating girls my mom asked if I was a lesbian, I just shrugged and said "Maybe, I like girls. A lot. But...I still kind of like guys" and she said "Whatever makes you happy. Just don't get pregnant and practice safe lesbian sex....however you do that".
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