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August 15th, 2012, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Spyctre View Post
We could have told you he was doing things early. lol

I forgot to do Tylenol for Winter's last batch of shots. I got hers a little late, closer to 5 months, and she still has those dang knots in her legs. Not doing 6 months until the knots completely vanish. It's alright, momma! I'm sure you gave him plenty of kisses and hugs after.

I've been wondering a bit about your son being so physically advanced. My baby brother was like that. Rolling over at will before he was a month old, running by 7 months, and completely potty trained at 18. In him it was a sign of ADHD. Not saying your boy has it, but that was why my brother developed so quickly. He is gifted when it comes to sports. If he had stuck with it, I have no doubt he's be in major league baseball. Maybe these are the first signs of a professional baseball, football, or basketball player!
Thanks ladies, and thank, Spyctre you for telling me this. As he get's older and if he doesn't slow down, I will definitely run that past the pedi. It's surely something to watch for. In my other mommy group they call him superbaby and feels like he's going to be an olympian one day.. LOL! He's just trying to keep up with his 3 big brother's I like to think.
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