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August 15th, 2012, 12:49 PM
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I was in your position recently! we moved from an apartment in the city to 50 acres in the country... Our kitty was exclusively indoors, but when we moved she would go out with us. Although we are in the country and have a huge property, we are right on the highway, and I worry about her getting hit as well. We also have many bears and wolves etc and those things worried me too.
The poor kitty sits at the door and cries for hours or until someone lets her out! She has done good staying away from the road, but obviously when she is out she could potentially wander anywhere. We went out with her often at first because we wanted her to know this was home, and how to get back to it. Then we let her out alone more and more. She will go outside for the better part of the day unattended, but I do still worry.
I think it would be unfair to keep her cooped up all day when we have a cat's paradise in our own backyard. I do love my cat, and worry about her getting killed, but I also keep in mind that she is an animal with instincts, and hopefully those will serve her well. She has regular vet check ups and gets her shots, the vet also gives out worm pills. and she is fine. She even caught her first mouse a few weeks back (I was very proud/grossed out)
IMO let her out. If you aren't worried about her being a sitting target for larger prey why not try a harness and long chain.... that will give you piece of mind, and kitty the chance to soak up the sun, and get some fresh air.
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