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August 16th, 2012, 04:26 PM
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I have a feeling that 100EZ and HOP will overlap quite a bit, so you may want to consider using them together. Teach the lesson from whichever you prefer, and then supplement with the other.

If you do one lesson per week, you'll still finish two years' worth in only one year, so I'd go ahead with what you have, seeing how the pace goes, but also be on the lookout for something else. I always try to use what I have, but I also always keep my eyes out for deep discounts on things I won't need for at least another year. I have several things I won't need for 3-4 years simply because they were purchased at a huge discount. Keep your eyes open at FREE Homeschool Curriculum and your local homeschool bulletin boards, and grab things when you see them. At least if you get something and end up not using it, you can say you bought it really cheap.
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