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August 17th, 2012, 07:54 AM
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I'm able to accept it but I also never quit...I try not to beat myself up either. I feel like I am always trying to lose weight. I would love to be the size I was when we got married 11 years ago.

I was 135 when I got married. My weight always bounced between 115 and 135 depending on how active I was. Birth control put me up to 155. My dad was diagnosed with cancer and I stress ate up to 170. Then I became pregnant with twins...and miscarried (2004)...that shot me up to 194. In 2005 my dad passed away and it was devestating. My weight got up to 225. Finally, I started watching what I ate and lost 20lbs. Then I got pregnant (and I have PCOS)!! The first trimester my I put on 30lbs. I ended up with gestational diabetes. By 8 months I had put on 45lbs. The last month I ended up with pre-eclampsia so I had put on another 30lbs of water----putting the grand total up to 280!! (pre-eclampsia and diabetes caused kindney failure) After my c-section the nurses gave me lasiks to help relieve the water weight and I lost 40lbs of water in the hospital!!
When I got back home I was 240. I slowly made dietary changes and added walking (15 minutes per day to start---then ending at around 1hour per day). So now my daughter is 5 and I have lost around 70lbs---so I'm around 170. I am not very tall and am still considered I would like to lose more. I have been on blood pressure meds for 2.5 years now and it would be great if I could get healthy enough to not need them at all.

I know my body will never be perfect and I'm okay with that. My stretch marks and extra skin won't get me down. In the long's not about how you look. It's how you feel and always wanting to be around for your kids. ~~That's just my opinion.
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